Tayama EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box, Great product in my opinion

The yesterday. I search for information on the Tayama EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box, so i would like to describe here.

Tayama EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box

Tatami EHB-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box Case with Handle is a stylish convenient and healthy way to enjoy your meals on the go. No more fast food lunches and microwaving your meals. Plug in an outlet and warm up your food right at your desk and enjoy.. Read more or Check Price

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I love this pan I take lunch to work every day everyone is excited about it by maureen kitchin

I found verry useful seens where I work is a microwave oven is not allowed so I just heat it 1 hour before eating and my food is all good and yes an hour that 's why I have not given ... by sindy

Using a microwave is a bad pet peeve of mine. After using this electronic lunchbox I no longer have to worry about that. This hot food does the trick. by Shelly

good product. The work quite well. Highly recommended for office use. They had problems with it so far by Khalid Al Bayat

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